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Algibit Technologies is disrupting the concrete monitoring market. Concrete is the second most consumed substance on planet Earth after water. All concrete that is poured in construction needs to be tested for strength. The current process is either outdated or inaccurate. We have developed an IoT system that is designed to replace current concrete control methods.

We employ ultrasonic approach, well known in concrete testing world and approved worldwide. To this day this approach had limited or no employment due to cost and convenience constraints. We have created an ultrasonic system that is convenient and inexpensive (in fact, we offer the lowest cost on the market). To learn more, please take a look at 
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Our advantages

We have developed affordable system
of concrete strength measurement:

Lowest cost in the market

Ultrasound based concrete curing and strength real time monitoring

Ultrasound based concrete curing and strength real time monitoring

Expendable ultrasonic sensor and reusable controller

The equipment is robust and survived the real construction site (both water and temperature proof)

Long lasting battery life due low energy consumption and activation/sleep technology

Two US provisional patents

Can use LoRaWAN, SigFox, or any other relevant data transmission system

Concrete strength test cost

Algibit per 90 days lifecycle measurement system selling cost $30
(Algibit controller can be reused)


Average Lab test
cost in USA


Average Lab test cost
in the World


Average price for Maturity
method sensor


Algibit test cost

What we offer

We offer customers information about the strength of the concrete in real time
Full compliance to the national ultrasound standards
Lowest cost in the market
Based on the ultrasound signature concept we can control the quality of concrete during / after transportation
Standards for the determination of longitudinal ultrasonic pulse velocity in concrete (Castro & Carino, 1998)

Algibit Concrete Sensors Compliance

Full compliance with the standard ASTM C 597 (Pulse velocity) and GOST 17624:

Doesn’t require verification by an expensive labtest ASTM C39/C39M
Measuring concrete strength of existing construction within structure
Measuring the slightest shift in concrete mixtures composition, so it’s impossible to falsify.
Relative performance of in-place tests

** A test method with a “++” results in a more accurate strength estimate or is easier to use than a method with a “+”. “N.A.” indicates that the method is not applicable to existing construction.
† ASTM test method does not exist. 
‡ Requires verification by other tests.

We’ll let you know down to the minute, when to remove formwork and continue construction, saving hours, days and weeks, reducing overall construction time.

Deployment model

We provide system of expendable sensors and reusable controllers.


One measurement $30

Cost, duration and safety

Concrete Transportation Control

The difference between the two signatures beyond permissible variation identifies meddling with concrete during transportation!

Dmitry Gordienko: I do believe that we bring the major disruption to the state of concrete control. Industry 4.0 at a construction site is now a reality.

Dmitry Gordienko
Algibit CEO

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